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are mourning their deaths. william la jeunesse is live in our west coast newsroom this afternoon. william? >> he told police he was annoyed at his mother on friday night. after she went to bed, he allegedly pulled a gun from the closet and killed her. when younger siblings woke up, he shot them as well as his father greg who arrived home early that morning. now, greg was a volunteer chaplin for the albuquerque fire department and county jail but had recently left the job as a pastor at a large christian church there. nehemiah reloaded on saturday and told police that he hoped to, quote, murder more people and die in a shootout with police. his story began to unravel after telling a security guard at his father's chapel that his parents were dead. several times he lied about how they died. including a car accident. even though, according to the albuquerque journal that he already texted a photo of the murder scene to his girlfriend. >> every case is unique. i have seen homicide scenes. i have never seen a shot like this. >> it's a shock when something like that happens to slows to your hom
shrink. william la jeunesse payroll taxes are going up. some will see the difference tomorrow paycheck f.i.c.a. deductions which represent your payments into social security and medicare. the new increase effects the withholding rate on payroll taxes which increases to 12.4%. your employer pays half and you pay half. for a single earning $38,000 a year, you will pay 548. that's up $570 a year or $11 a week. if you earn 90,000 you will pay 20,000 over the year or 2400 more than last year. while f.i.c.a. taxes may anger you, all but the wealthiest people get their money back and more. the average worker pays about $345,000 a year -- excuse me over their life anymore f.i.c.a. taxes they will will get 417,000 back in benefits in retirement. >> a pretty large majority of people will see that drop in their net pay in their first paycheck and the others pay be in their second or third during the month of january. >> now 99 pert of taxpayers did not see income taxes go up but some did. remember the ville find 99%. crunched the numbers and said .7% of america's 143 million tax returns, that's jus
driver. fox news william la jeunesse heads to the bar to bust some drinking myths and finds out just how much alcohol it takes to get drunk. if he said i will take you home tonight would you be willing to do so? you said you would. but what our audience didn't know had been drinking jack and cokes for the last three hours. 8 in total. >> i think i have had five glasses of wine and i'm starting to slur my speech. >> how much did you drink. >> six glasses. >> i have had seven glasses of white wine. 10 coors light. >> 8 jack and coke. >> 13 vod canchts our night of boozing had one purpose to. dispel misconceptions about drinking and driving. cove, exercise, shower does that sober you up. >> no. it wakes up. still stimulated. still feeling the effects. bigger person fat or overweight, can they handle their alcohol better? >> no. people that are heavier have less water because fat has less water. >> is it possible to feel sober at the bar and not be sober behind the wheel your blood alcohol content continues to rise after your last drink for a good 30 minutes or so. >> as we saw with our volu
's william lajeunesse. >> online child exploitation is a very real part of our lives and demands, absolutely demands, our full attention as a nation. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement director john morton announcing 245 arrests on criminal charges of child exploitation. the 5 1/2 week crackdown known as operation sunflower ended early december. it targeted abusers and those who make or transit child pornography. more than 200 -- transmit child pornography. more than 200 were arrested in the u.s. 44 children were rescued directly from their abusers. >> we rescued five children who were between the ages of 2 and 3. nine children were between the ages of 4 and 6. 21 were between the ages of 7 and 9. >> reporter: the agency now is asking for the public's help in identifying these four individuals suspected of child abuse. >> we need your help as we can't solve this case without. it. >> reporter: if you recognize any of those individuals, i.c.e. is asking you to call their homeland security investigation tip line at 1-866-347-2423. you can also go online to in los
. ♪ people, get ready. there's a train acoming. >> reporter: william la jeunesse, fox news. >> always some characters in there. >> never a dull moment on idol. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. arts now. >>> good morning. it is 4:30 on this thursday, january 31st. taking a look outside right now t has quieted down quite a bit. it was rainy and windy overnight. we'll check in with tucker to see how things are shaping up for the rest of the day. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. it sounded like i was trapnated monsoon last night. >> yeah, about 8:00, things got kind of crazy. earlier, we had all kinds of flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings, a tornado watch. >> we saw the one in georgia. that was all part of the same system. >> things are winding down at least as fars athe rain. we will see the winds pick up again. today, they will be out of the west. so another wind advisory us for today. >> we are getten beaten by every direction. >> definitely an active pattern the last uple of days. we'll start with a look at our current temperatures. still very mild out there.
downtown you're going to be all right now ♪ >> reporter: in hollywood william lajeunesse, fox news. >> they do keep the show fun. >>> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> a week of wild weather continues with tornadoes in the south, heavy rain to the north and when we dry out, the temperatures will plummet. we start off the news edge with sue palka in the weather center. >> we still have hours of rain to go. some of this rain is pretty moderate. it's pretty extensive all the way down to the gulf coast. it will be 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning before it finally starts settling down around here. let's go straight to radar. in the yellows and reds is still a lot of moderate to heavy rain surging up from the south. in a little tighter here we've got a few more lines that are capable of dropping another 1/2- inch to an inch on some areas. that just moved through reston. there's another batch near manassas, down to warrenton and culpeper. now we have a lot of new flash flood warnings. i think that's probably the greater concern. these waters are going to
a sizable chunk of change missing from your paycheck. william la jeunesse live with more on that from los angeles. william? >> reporter: well, jon, everyone is going to get whacked, most of us in tomorrow's paycheck, and you're going to feel the pain in the line that says fica deductions. but one group is going to be more unhappy than others, the .7% club. that is how many people will pay 40% of all federal income taxes. so it's no longer the 1%, but the .7% of individuals making over 400k and couples over 450,000. the tax foundation's been crunching the numbers. out of 143 million tax returns, just 1.1 million or .7% will pay 40% of all income taxes. >> we cannot sustain b a situation where the top 1% pays 0% of the tax burden -- pays 40% of the tax burden while the bottom half roughly, on average, pay no income taxes. >> reporter: now, for everyone else let's talk payroll taxes. after a two-year reprieve to stimulate the economy, fica taxes are going back to where they were before. so for a single person earning $38,000 a year, the irs is telling employers to withhold about $5,400 a yea
mexico, two parents and three children murdered inside their home. william la jeunesse works that story from our west coast bureau in los angeles. william, hello. >> reporter: well, bill, this 15-year-old boy got in an argument with his mother and then killed her, killed the brothers and sisters and waited several hours until his father came home and killed him. this family was struggling paycheck to paycheck. his father was a form pastor and volunteer at the albuquerque county jail and currently unemployed. the shooting happened early saturday morning in a rural area southwest of albuquerque. police arrived they found five dead and a 15-year-old and several weapons that apparently belonged to the family. >> there is no other way to say it except that we have a horrific screen that we ar crime scene. we'll work hard to do everything that need to be done. >> reporter: police are still processing the crime scene. the nats was a former gang member who found god, he became a volunteer chaplin at the fire department in county jail. friends say he helped troubled kids get back on track often
now. william la jeunesse is on that reading the fine print. good morning, what can the employees expect in the paycheck now. >> reporter: you'll probably see this tomorrow or possibly next week. whether you're rich or not your payroll taxes are going up. how much for a single person earning $38,000 a year yesterday the irs told your employer to withhold about $5,400 a year, that is up $570 or $11 a week. if you earned about $90,000 you'll pay 20 grand or $2,400 more than last year. if you make $185,000 the government is going to withhold 50 ground, that is an increase of 6/thousand dollars. in you make over 400,000 your payroll taxes will increase by $270 a week, or $14,000 a year. now remember, these are payroll taxes, that is the fica deductions on your paycheck, that pays for social security and medicare. this is money you will get back and moreover a lifetime, bill. the average worker will pay $345,000 in fica taxes and they'll get back $417,000 in benefits. so somebody is subsidizing your retirement. bill: taxes are going up on everyone, just about three-quarters of everyone
to combat gun violence in the u.s. in nearly 20 years. william la jeunesse has some of the ins and outs at the heart of this heated debate. that's next. jon: as you heard at the top of the hour the president proposes renewing the ban on assault weapons in the united states. the ban covers more than 20 specific types and would outlaw any weapon with more than one military characteristic. what does that mean? william la have. >> necessary with more from los angeles for us. william. >> reporter: jon, explains why many critics say this proposed ban eliminates weapons what they look like, not because they have a record as prolific crime gun. this gun at the top is legal. the customized one below with accessories is not under the new assault weapons ban. they're the same gun. they shoot one weapon at a time. some say the term assault weapon something misleading. >> number one myth has to be they're machine guns. they're not machine guns. these are semiauto. meaning, i pull the trigger one time, it goes boom one time. boom, boom, boom. it does not go, like this. >> reporter: the new assault we
seems to agree on, but the current system has a lot of problems. william la jeunesse has more on that for us now from los angeles. hi, william. >> reporter: a cornerstone of that system to stop the bad guys from getting guns starts with this form that you fill out when you want to buy a gun. are you mentally ill, do you use marijuana or any depressant? if you lie, there's a huge fbi database that's supposed to stop that sale, but even the federal government admits it's full of holes and few lie years are ever punished. it is the first line of defense against gun crime, the background check. >> this is to make sure that you don't have anything prohibiting in your past that would keep you from owning a firearm. >> reporter: felons, fugitives, domestic abusives, drug users, illegal aliens, among others, cannot buy a gun. >> they're going to take ten days and put you through a background check. >> reporter: currently, all states require fbi background checks on weapons sold at gun stores against a criminal database. some states include gun show sales for most weapons, but a majori
for those making more than $250,000. 60% tax break. william la jeunesse found out businesses and individuals not just mickelson are leaving in droves. this is a problem in new york, new jersey, connecticut. so there is no money to pay for the big welfare state. they need to retain him. >> dana: a i. cycle. he shouldn't take advantage of the platform and his ability to speak to a lot of different people and express his views on politics or ignite the conversation. that is the exact opposite of what liberals in hollywood think. when they get famous, all of a sudden they are against fracking or whatever other, take their pet cause, whatever it might be. it's the opposite thinking. very strange. >> andrea: it is strange. they call this brainbe drain. in new york, and -- brain drain and new york and the states, they go to college and get essentialcated and take the money like texas and florida. texas is booming. how can they sustain this? >> greg: $60 billion left new york city this year or bloomberg's budget on fanny packs. why does this happen? i want to go back to mickelson. why did he apologi
, judge. bill: a follow-up on this. william la jeunesse in a moment here. you'll see the president live along with the vice president. must see video of a dog with sticky paws, caught in the act too. >> my daughter said about 300 hits on this and people are saying they would love to give him a home. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we've got a lot of empty cans.'s eating less. to losing weight. i'm hungry just thinking about it. thank goodness for new slimful. one delicious, 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water, like before dinner, helps keep me satisfied for hours. so instead of this much, i only need this much. and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. finger discounts, right? how about three paws? oscar the three legged dog is in lockup after he was
, but they do create some of this season's funniest moments. fox's william lajeunesse has more now from hollywood. >> when i perform, i have an alter ego. i know it may sound crazy, but i'm crazy, who knows? >> reporter: as early auditions wrap up and the judges send the lucky and talented few to hollywood, we should take a moment to remember the misunderstood, tone deaf and downright awful singers who got their moment in the spotlight. ♪ i can feel it from across the sky ♪ ♪ because i got friends in low places ♪ ♪ what's up what's up what's up with you ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> reporter: the judges like trying to gets if contest amounts have talent before they sing their first note. >> hey, hey, justin timberlake. >> i don't like the people that make me laugh, so sometimes the people that come in and end up being a laugh, it's like kind of wish that they could sing a little bit, too. >> if they're going to walk in with a costume and a weird wig on, then you're not intending to be taken seriously and the critiquing can be pretty unbridled. ♪
and questions over knee calls to mandate universal background checks. william la jeunesse on that story live in l.a. now. william, good morning, what do you have? >> bill it seems to be the one thing that lawmakers a pier t appear to agree on. guns for the deraged is a patchwork of records that the government has treated not with try or the. and it begins with this application to buy a firearm. it is the first line of defense against gun crime, the background check. >> this is to make sure that you don't have any -- anything prohibiting in your past that would keep you from owning a firearm. >> reporter: fell ons, fugitives, domestic abusers, drug ears, the mentally ill, illegal aliens among others cannot buy a gun. >> you are going to wait ten days to put you through a background check. >> reporter: all states require f.b.i. background checks on weapons sold as gun stores. some include gun show sales for most weapons. the majority do not. a loophole some lawmakers hope to close. >> background checks for all firearm sales, not just by licensed dealers, but also at gun shows, private sales. >
arms sales. what about criminals to get their weapons illegally? william la jeunesse is on that story live in l.a. with more now. william, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, bill. they say laws for are the law-abiding. background checks are supposed to stop what the government calls prohibitive possessers, illegal immigrants, adjudicated mentally ill and felons who face few penalties for it. maricopa county jail in phoenix, arizona. is it hard for a person with criminal record to get a gun? >> no. >> reporter: while washington debates back ground checks for law-abiding gun owners. where do criminals get their weapons. >> people usually go through other people to buy it. >> i say 95% off the street, crime guns. >> reporter: survey of 18,000 prison inmates found 40% get their guns off the street, 40% from friends and family. 4% from pawn shops. 1% from free markets and gun shows. >> got a second degree burglary charge. >> reporter: we asked inmates incarcerated primarily for robbery and burglary do guns detour crime. >> if you're trying to do something, bad or whatever, get away with them
this week. what will your paycheck look like? a little smaller perhaps. joining us fox news's william la jeunesse. william? >> reporter: ashley, basically everyone will get hit or whacked some way or another. some of us tomorrow's paycheck. others it will come in the second week probably and you will see that pain in the line that says, fica deductions. some will be really unhappy. take a die vernance over here to the .7% club that is how many people will pay 40% of all federal income taxes. no longer 1% but .7% of individuals making over 400. couples over 450,000. the tax foundation has been crunching the numbers. out of 14 million returns, just 1.1 million people, or 7% of the returns will pay 40% of all income taxes. >> can not sustain a situation where the top 1% pays 40% of the tax burden while the bottom half, roughly, on average pay no income taxes. >> so for everyone else let's talk about that payroll tax. basically looking at at two-year reprieve being over. payroll taxes going up on basically 2% and let's take a look what those fica taxes are going to look at. so for a single e
that are thinking of leaving. fox's william la jeunesse is in los angeles with, who else might be leaving the maybe not so golden state, william? >> reporter: mickelson is not the only millionaire here. we have 34 thousand in california. i talked about 7. some already left the state. others want to. a state hoping to raise 5 to $7 billion from the 1% by charging them 13.3% in income taxes. >> if you have excessive regulations, and excessive tax, that's just not where you want to be. >> reporter: from san diego to san francisco, wealthy californians are bailing out. >> we have had a tenfold increase in calls from various parts of california, particularly los angeles and the bay area where many people are seeking to find a way to leave the state. >> reporter: some already have. >> it never stops. it is pay a little more this year. pay a little more this way. pay another business tax here. there is no end. so we decided to end it. >> reporter: after california voters raised taxes on the rich. california taxpayers earning more than a million dollars paid a combined top rate last year of 45.3%. today, t
as people waited in line to get guns. william la jeunesse live from los angeles with more, william? >> reporter: well, megyn, there was actually a bidding war outside a police sponsored gun buyback event in new mexico. overcrowding shut down a gun show in arizona. well, here in california lawmakers want to limit how many bullets you can buy, well, gun owners swamped a gun show looking for weapons and ammunition. >> i'm not super pro gun, but i still feel like i wanted to get one before they're illegal to get. >> yeah, and basically that's the feeling everyone has, you better get it while you can. >> a gun show in san francisco, the buying frenzy is obviously driving prices through the roof. >> aisles are packed. >> and folks are nervous, get in there and get what they can. >> and many left empty handed. >> ammunition, can't find tthe shelves are bare. >> december gun sales-- >> and obama is going to go for the guns. >> that fear is why ammunition prices doubled, assault weapons costing 600 now fetch $1200. around the country, high capacity magazines are sold out. >> i think they're
is so big, it's because of more laws and more laws. martha: william la jeunesse from los angeles on that. good morning. >> reporter: people are stockpiling ammunition and buying what they fear washington will ban. most buyers do not go through a criminal background check. in calif do. that didn't stop shoppers from flooding a gun show in the bay area. >> i'm not super progun but i still felt like i wanted to get one before they are illegal to get. >> basically that is the feeling everyone hafplts you bette everyone has. >> a buying frenzy is driving prices throughout work. >> they have to get in there and get what they can. >> reporter: many left empty handed. >> ammunition, you can't find it. >> reporter: december gun sales jumped 58%. >> i think that now that obama doesn't need to get reelected that he is going to go for the guns. >> reporter: that fear is why ammunition i prices have doubled. assault rifles now fetch 1200. high capacity magazines are sold out across the country. >> i think they will ban mags and stop you from being able to buy the hunting rifles. then it will be your
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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